Buying a New Home? Carry Out These Essential Plumbing Inspections

Finding your dream home can be a long and arduous endeavour. Thus, once you finally set eyes on your potential house, chances are you will want to move right in! This excitement is understandable, but you would have to exercise some restraint before you get all your bags packed. It is important to ensure that everything in the house is functioning at optimum. Otherwise, you will end up carrying our repairs and replacement out of pocket. One of the areas that are typically overlooked during amateur house inspections is the plumbing system. Rather than only checking if the taps work and looking for signs of mould, you also have to inspect certain systems. Read on to know which essential plumbing inspections need to be carried out when buying a new home.

Inspect the sewer line

The sewer line is an easily overlooked aspect when checking the plumbing of a new home. Nonetheless, considering its crucial function in eliminating human waste from your residence, it is prudent to ensure that it is in working condition. An inspection of the sewer line would alert you about whether the infrastructure is at risk of collapse, which could save you from the trouble of a plumbing emergency on your residence as well as the high cost of replacing it. It is advisable to hire plumbing services to inspect the drains and sewer lines to spot any potential problems before they become exacerbated.

Inspect the water heater

Not many homeowners will consider the age of the water heater when they are moving into a new property. What you should know, though, is that water heaters tend to have an estimated lifespan of about a decade before they start to show signs of deterioration. Therefore, if you are moving into an older home, it would be advisable to make a heater inspection one of your priorities. Visual inspections that you can carry out on your own include checking for any signs of damage on the body of the water heater, as these could pose the risk of leaks.

Secondly, have a certified professional inspect the heating element as well as the pilot light to ensure that they are in good working condition. If the heater is past its optimum years of operation, you should consider either having the seller replace it for you before you move into the new home or they should carry out any pertinent repairs and maintenance.

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