3 Common Causes of Burst Pipes and Their Possible Remedies

Asking an emergency plumber to come over usually means you're experiencing a bit of a plumbing crisis at home. Burst pipes are one of the major reasons why many homeowners call in an emergency plumber. Burst pipes can occur dramatically, and they can lead to devastating effects. Depending on where they occur, burst pipes have the potential to cause extensive structural damage to your house. In addition, burst pipes can flood the property and adjacent homes and streets, with several litres of water going to waste while you're away. 

But what are the most probable sources for burst pipes causing homeowners to seek the assistance of an emergency plumber? Here is a rundown of a few common causes of burst pipes and some suggestions on how to prevent them.


Freezing temperatures is perhaps the most common reason why pipes burst. As the water flowing inside the piping gets close to freezing, it expands. If it swells enough, it can lead to bursting. It is important to point out that burst pipes are not merely caused by water freezing ice in place — it is the excessive pressure of the frozen water that causes the shattering. If there is a slow flow, the water supply piping won't burst, even if the water freezes. The best way to protect your pipes from bursting in cold weather is to insulate them.

Aging pipes

Like any other plumbing components, water supply pipes wear and tear as they age. Normal wear and tear exposes the pipes to various forms of damage, including ruptures that lead to bursting. As you cannot reverse the normal process of pipe aging, the best way to prevent bursting problems resulting from old pipes is to replace your piping in good time. Do not continue relying on pipes that no longer have any service life left. 

Heavy traffic onsite

Any water supply pipes buried outside should be placed deep enough and should not be subjected to heavy traffic. Know the exact location of your water lines (and any other plumbing lines) and do not let anyone drive heavy vehicles or machinery over them. Otherwise, your pipes may not be able to withstand the heavy loads and this may lead to a collapse that could cause bursting of the pipes.

If you're ever faced with burst pipes, you should call in an emergency plumber immediately. They deal with this kind of plumbing emergencies on a daily basis and will therefore know what to do to remedy the problem. For more information, contact a business such as Sam's Local Plumbing.

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