Surprising Tips To Help You with Your Bathroom Renovation

So you have finally made the decision to renovate your dilapidated bathroom and give it an updated appearance. And although this may be an exciting time, you should also be wary of the pitfalls of not knowing what to focus on. Some people make the mistake of undertaking their bathroom renovations assuming that everything will magically come together. In reality, you need to have an idea of the significant changes that you would like to make, as this would help you in easing the decision-making process throughout the renovation. Read on for a couple of surprising tips that can help you make the most of the bathroom renovations.

Change the placement of your window

A design flaw that older homes are characterised for is having the window placed in awkward parts of the bathroom. This placement would typically be right above the toilet or directly adjacent to the shower, which can make you feel uncomfortable if you live reasonably close to your neighbours. If you have ever wanted to change this positioning, now would be your chance.

A major aspect of bathroom renovations is removing the drywall and replacing the tiling on the walls since the likelihood of water damage occurring over time is high. When your contractors are replacing your walls, window placement would be easy to incorporate into the renovation. All you have to do is select your preferred position and avoid having to do this as a spate project down the road.

Update your toilet

A rule of thumb with bathroom renovations that most people try to stick to in an attempt to keep their renovation costs low is avoiding moving their pre-existing plumbing. However, this does not mean that you cannot update your plumbing fixtures. Homeowners rarely think of replacing their toilet unless it has developed severe problems such as leaks, recurrent blockages and more. However, if you moved into an old home, you should bear in mind that the technology has dramatically advanced when it comes to the manufacturing of toilets.

You now have the option of significantly increasing water conservation in your home simply by changing the type of toilet that you used. For example, opting for a dual flush toilet would be highly efficient in ensuring water wastage is minimal. Secondly, investing in a new toilet is also a preemptive measure in decreasing the risk of plumbing problems cropping up, as you will be using new hardware in your bathroom.

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