Primary Techniques Employed For Blocked Drain Cleaning

Some homeowners tend to presume that blocked drain cleaning should only be sought after once there is a serious problem on their hands rather than spending money on preventative measures. The problem with this approach is by the time an issue crops up, there will also be a risk of the sewer line bursting, and this will present a host of other emergency plumbing issues. Luckily, sewer line cleaning can be performed quickly and conveniently using two main techniques. Read on to learn about how your plumbing contractors can proactively prevent blocked drains.


Snaking is a technique that utilises a long tube that contains a cable within it. The plumber will snake this instrument into your plumbing with the intention of loosening any debris that may have collected inside the pipes. The front end of the tube is fitted with a hook, which functions to break these blockages while the back end of the auger has a hand crank to facilitate its movement inside the plumbing. The main drawback of snaking is that the amount of debris being eliminated will be limited to the diameter of the auger's tip, so minimal residue may linger. Nevertheless, there are various advantages of choosing a drain snake for your blocked drain cleaning needs, including:

  • It is an economical option: Snaking is one of the most widely used methods in blocked drain cleaning, making it ideal for people who may want to engage in this service on a modest budget. Using the hand snake may be rigorous, but it does provide you with efficient results making it a reliable option.
  • It is a safe option: Since the tube is thin, there is minimal risk of it damaging the internal walls of your plumbing. Moreover, snaking can only be applied with limited force, so you do not have to worry about damage caused by high impact.

Hydro Jetting

As the name suggests, this method of blocked drain cleaning utilises pressurised water. The plumber will insert a specialised nozzle into the sewer line, which will emit jets of water similar to power washing. The most prominent advantage of using this technique is that it is much more efficient in removing all kinds of clogs, as the water will entirely clean the interior walls. Other advantages associated with hydro jetting include:

  • It is not labour intensive: With hydro jetting, the pressurised water does all the work. Therefore, your plumber may not charge you a lot of money associated with labour costs.
  • It can eliminate tree roots: Since root intrusion is one of the likely reasons for blocked sewer lines, hydro jetting would be an ideal alternative as it is can dislodge this form of organic debris. 

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