Prevent Blocked Drains with These Simple DIY Tips

Blockages in the various drains in your home can be a nightmare to contend with. From the noxious smells emanating from the drains to the gurgling water in the sink, carrying out simple tasks like washing dishes can prove to be a complete turnoff. However, unless you are deliberately throwing foreign objects down your drains, there are some measures that you can take to limit the occurrence of blockages. All you need to do is have a care routine that will keep your drains clean so that when an obstruction does arise, it is due to forces beyond your control. Here are simple DIY tips and tricks that can help prevent blocked drains.

Always rinse with hot water

The thing about blockages in your sink, particularly in the kitchen, is that they do not occur overnight. Instead, it is the gradual accumulation of food particles and other matter inside the drain which eventually coagulates to form a colossal clog that restricts the flow of water. Cold water accelerates the formation of these clogs since the low temperatures facilitate the binding of the particles. Thus, you may think you are conserving energy by doing your dishes with cold water, but in truth, you could be making any potential clogs present much worse.

Rather than increasing your energy costs by exclusively utilising hot water, a simple trick to avoid unnecessary clogs is to rinse your sink with hot water. Boiling hot water not only helps liquefy any fat inside the drain, but will also clear any particles that have become embedded in the drains too!

Always cleanse with baking soda

Another step to include in your cleaning routine is periodically cleansing your drains with some baking soda. A mistake to avoid is opting to use harsh cleaning agents under the presumption that they will be more effective in drain cleaning. The reality is industrial strength cleaners cause much more harm than good by progressively eroding the lining of your pipes. Thus, you may end up with clean drains, but you will also be at an increased risk of a pipe burst!

A safer alternative to these agents is baking soda. The baking soda helps in breaking down any sticky substances that may be lingering in your drains and subsequently catching debris to form clogs and eventual blockage. Secondly, the baking soda also eliminate any foul odours that may be developing in your drains, keeping them smelling fresh!

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