Signs You May Need Re-Piping To Resolve Your Residential Plumbing Issues

Although plumbing issues are inevitable when you are a homeowner, the worst thing you can do is ignore minor problems because you assume they will go away on their own. What typically happens is the issues progressively become aggravated, and you inadvertently find yourself dealing with a plumbing emergency. The trick to getting ahead of these problems would be to try to find a fix that would work for a majority of them. One such fix is re-piping, especially if your home is several decades old. Here is a list of signs that would indicate re-piping would be a solution to resolving your plumbing issues.

Recurrent leaks all over the house

Leaks are one of the sneakiest problems that you could develop with your residential plumbing. The reason for this is that leaks typically tend to go undetected, as they are usually located in hidden spaces such as within the walls. However, leaks do not crop up out of the blue.

The most typical cause for leaking plumbing is faulty hardware. Therefore, as long as your pipes are ageing, there is always the increased risk of the hardware deteriorating. Re-piping to solve this problem is beneficial in a couple of ways.

First, the new pipes would be less vulnerable to structural damage, which translates into your home staying leak-proof for longer. Second, in these current times, residences are ordinarily re-piped with PVC rather than the previous staple that was iron, which eliminates the risk of corrosion.

Steady discolouration of your water supply

Another sign that should have you calling a plumber to re-pipe your home is water discolouration. In usual cases, discolouration tends to stem from the water heater. As the receptacle starts to develop rust, the debris becomes mixed with your hot water changing it to a yellowish or a brownish hue.

If you exclusively experience discoloured water when using your hot water supply, then you should look into replacing your hot water system. However, if the water discolouration is present in all your faucets, this would be a clear indicator that your plumbing is in trouble.

Discoloured water is not merely an eyesore. Ingesting this water means exposing yourself to corroded particles and this could adversely affect your health. You should also recognise that the longer the discolouration is left unhampered, the higher the degree of corrosion in your piping. Therefore, it would only be a matter of time before a pipe breaks off.

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