Why Your Shower Leak Should Have You Calling an Emergency Plumber

For a good number of homeowners, shower leaks do not qualify as a serious plumbing problem. The typical assumption about this issue is that since the water remains contained in the shower, then they do not have to attend to it immediately. The truth of the matter is that overlooking shower leaks, irrespective of how minor they are, can lead to enormous problems down the road. So if you have been thinking of putting off repairing the leak in your shower, here are a few reasons why it should prompt you to call an emergency plumber.

Perilous conditions

One of the biggest risk that you are exposed to in the bathroom is slipping and falling. If the fall is severe enough, you could acquire grievous bodily harm. Not to mention that people who have limited mobility, such as the sick, disabled and elderly, will have a challenging time maintaining their balance when walking on a wet floor. The longer you leave the shower leak unattended, the higher the chance water will splash onto the floor, making it slick. Rather than leaving these perilous conditions to chance, it is best to have your shower leak repaired posthaste by a 24/7 plumber.

Mould and mildew

Bathrooms are already at risk of mould infestations due to the wet and humid conditions of the space. Thus, all homeowners are supposed to ensure the space is well ventilated to mitigate the threat of a fungal in gestation. When you have a leaking shower, you inadvertently allow moisture to accumulate in the room. The thing to note about mould is that it is unlikely for you to notice an infestation right away. And if you are not keen, you will find the mould has spread to the tiles, drywall and other parts of your bathroom by the time you discover it. Take note that some strains of mould are extremely toxic, which puts anyone who uses the bathroom at risk of health issues.

Structural damage

While the bathroom is, in essence, a wet room, it does not mean that it is immune to structural damage from overexposure to moisture. Granted, you may have a damp proofing course under your floor tiles, but this does not protect your walls. A leaking shower will expose the walls of the bathroom to consistent damp, which will eventually lead to the rot of your drywall. Damaged drywall is not merely a cosmetic problem since it also translates into a costly replacement. Addressing the shower leak the moment it's noticed will help in preventing subsequent structural problems substantially.

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