Commercial Drainage Channels: Installing Stainless Steel Grates

If you are looking for drainage grates for your commercial building, you should opt for stainless steel products. Stainless steel grates are perfect for this type of environment because they are durable. You will not need to constantly plan for repairs and replacement of the elements. Also, the material is nonporous. This characteristic promotes cleanliness and sanitation. In addition, the metal is visually appealing. However, you must remember that there are different types of stainless steel drainage grates on the market. Here are crucial tips on selecting the best items for your commercial installation.

Consider the Facility

You should evaluate your commercial environment thoroughly before purchasing your drainage grates. This process is crucial if your business handles any chemicals with caustic and corrosive properties. If your drainage grates will be exposed to adverse conditions, you must choose products which will not sustain damage easily. In general, if you are concerned about the deterioration of your grates, you should opt for products manufactured using resilient marine-grade steel. This metal can withstand exposure to corrosive environments without significant damage. If you are only planning on using the drainage channels for handling water, purchase grates made using standard stainless steel. This material is not vulnerable to corrosion unless it is constantly used for managing highly saline or corrosive fluids.

Evaluate the Load

It is essential to evaluate the load to which your drainage grates will be exposed after installation on your property. In simple terms, these stainless steel elements will be placed on the ground. Therefore, they will need to handle the pressure of traffic. If you choose lightweight grates, they might be warped under the pressure of heavy commercial traffic. This could lead to significant losses. When purchasing the grates, you should consider the placement of the elements. If they are intended for placement along driveways, you must make certain that they can support the weight of vehicles driving to and from your property. Indoor grates can be lightweight but consider the weight of forklifts and other heavy equipment which may be operating in your building.

Check the Designs

Finally, you should choose stainless steel grates with a good design. The standard choice for commercial drainage spaces is the slotted design because it promotes quick and efficient fluid management. However, you can improve the appeal of your commercial space by choosing drainage grates with different patterns for unique visual impact. You should also think about customising these covers as part of your branding. For instance, the slots can be shaped like your logo. 

For more information on stainless steel floor wastes, contact your local suppliers. 

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