5 Advantages of Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems are an eco-friendly alternative to gas or electric water heating systems. Although solar hot water installation has an upfront cost, this method of heating water for your home has many advantages that can make it worthwhile.

1. Lower Water Heating Bills

For many people, the main advantage of solar hot water systems is the amount of money they save on electricity or gas. Solar water heating systems use free energy from the sun to heat water for you to use for showering, bathing and washing dishes. You pay nothing to heat this water, which means that over the years, the savings will add up.

2. Environmental Benefits

Solar hot water systems reduce the amount of gas or electricity you need to use to heat water for your home. As a result, they reduce your carbon footprint and help you do your part to help the planet. Renewable forms of energy, like solar, are likely to become increasingly important as fossil fuel reserves decline.

3. Greater Home Value

The upfront cost of solar hot water systems puts a lot of people off installing them. You have to use the system for several years in order to recoup the cost of using them. However, even if you decide to sell your home before you have made back your money, you will not necessarily have any issues. Solar hot water systems can push up the selling price of your home, as home buyers realise the advantages of having this kind of system already installed.

4. Government Financial Assistance

Various government programs are in place to help homeowners meet the upfront costs of making environmentally friendly improvements to their homes. For example, residents of Victoria can get a grant of up to $1,000 for the purchase and installation of a solar hot water system. Check out the government energy website to find out what programs are currently in operation in your state.

5. A Good Option for Small Roofs

Solar hot water systems take up much less roof space than solar systems that generate electricity. This is because solar hot water panels are much more efficient: they capture a much greater fraction of the sun's energy than photovoltaic solar panels. If you have a limited amount of sunny roof space, a solar hot water system could make a lot more sense for your household than a solar electricity generation system.

For more information on your options for hot water systems, contact a plumber.

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Solar hot water systems are an eco-friendly alternative to gas or electric water heating systems. Although solar hot water installation has an upfront