Could Tree Roots Be the Cause of Your Drainage Issue?

If your kitchen sink is constantly backing up, you may suspect that there is a blockage somewhere near to the S-bend, where food particles or other debris have accumulated. If this is the case, it may be relatively simple to clear. Sometimes, the problem could be much more significant and actually quite a long distance from the kitchen itself. What should you do if the problem is somewhere in your garden and could have been caused by something beyond your control?

Detect Underground Threats

When the drainage pipes exit your home, they will typically run underneath your garden or driveway and will connect with the mains sewer beyond your boundary. Ultimately, you are responsible for the pipe until it leaves your property and subterranean issues arise. In this case, the pipe itself may have been "attacked" by tree roots and especially if you have some growing trees on or near to your property. These roots are constantly in search of moisture and may have broken into the pipe over time as part of this quest.

Address Tenacious Tree Roots

While roots will move very slowly, of course, don't underestimate their tenacity. They will seek out a weak point in the pipe or find a joint and penetrate. It's often a lot easier for them to access an underground pipe, as the ground will have been disturbed when the pipe was first introduced. Consequently, this will make it a lot easier for the tree roots to move around.

Once they have gained access to the pipe, they will continue to move further along and will eventually cause a complete blockage. You will have no choice but to excavate and to remove these roots altogether before you can repair the pipe and move on.

Work with a Plumber

Your first step is to bring in a plumber who can help you to trace the exact cause of the problem. They will send a special camera down the drain from your kitchen and will eventually come across this particular blockage. Sometimes, they can cut through an obstruction using a tool that is also introduced but if the problem is significant, then you will need to assess it directly. Still, at least you will know exactly where it is so that you can dig down and discover the damage.

Begin by calling in a plumber with the appropriate tools to assess the scale of the issue. Contact outside help if you have blocked drains. 

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