Why Call A Plumber When Your Water Bills Run Too High

High water bills can put quite a strain on your finances. If you have had no significant changes in water use in your home or business but notice a spike in your monthly water bills, you should call your plumber. What can a plumber do to help?

Detecting and Correcting Leaks

A qualified plumber will know where to check for the leaks that may be causing the spike in your water bills. Leaky toilets, as well as leaky faucets and fixtures, are likely culprits. These leaks are relatively easy to find and fix because the faucets, fixtures and toilet cisterns are all well in sight.

Pinpointing leaks for lines buried underground may not be as straightforward. These include the lateral line feeding into your house as well as your irrigation system's buried line. A patch of grass that appears lusher than the rest of your yard is among the signs that can give your plumber an idea of the location of the leak.

Plumbing Maintenance and Installing Upgrades

Old plumbing fixtures, if not, well maintained, perform below optimal efficiency. If you live in an old house where, for example, there is a bit of clogging in your pipes due to mineral build-up, you will find that the water does not run with as much pressure. With the low pressure and slow flow, you will spend a lot more time completing tasks such as washing the dishes or even bathing. In the end, your water consumption may run quite high. The same build-up may also cause your plumbing to wear away and tear faster, which can cause leaks.

A plumber can carry out the necessary maintenance on such fixtures. You can also opt to install new fixtures, which may cost you quite a bit upfront but will save you in the long run by reducing your water bills.

Helpful Tips on Saving Water

Changing a few things here and there can do so much to reduce your monthly water bills. You probably do not need your plumber to tell you this, but they'll no doubt have some helpful insights about optimising your water usage and minimising waste. You can bring down your water bill by waiting until you have enough for a full load of laundry for your machine, for example, instead of running smaller loads, now and again. You may also want to replace your old unit with a more water-efficient laundry machine.

Inefficiencies due to poor maintenance and outdated plumbing can drive up your water bills as can leaks. A qualified plumber can take care of these and advise you on how else to minimise water wastage. Reach out to a plumber to learn more. 

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