What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Water Pressure Pump

A water pressure pump is a piece of equipment that helps you pump water from one point to another. It can either be electrically, gas- or diesel-powered. Because of the uniqueness of different water pumping scenarios or circumstances, you may come across different types of water pressure pumps.

That is why it is important to hire a water pressure pump specialist to guide you through all the factors you need to consider before purchasing a water pump. They can also help you choose the most suitable water pump for your needs. Here's what you need to know before purchasing a water pressure pump:

What Are Your Water Requirements?

These can either be commercial or residential/domestic water pump needs. Based on these needs, you might require a water pressure pump that is structurally built to pump a specific amount of water efficiently. Commercial water needs may be higher than domestic water needs, meaning that commercial settings may require a stronger and more expensive water pressure pump than domestic settings.

How Fast Do You Want to Fill Your Water Tank?

In most cases, when purchasing a water pressure pump, you want to pump water from a water source (well or water body) to a water tank for storage. How quickly do you want to fill your water tank? Choose a pump that can pump water at the rate you want to fill your water tank; some calculations are needed. You should also know that a pump that fills your tank faster is pricier.

Where Are You Pumping Water from?

This is crucial in identifying how clean the water you are pumping is. Water pressure pumps get damaged by debris found in water; therefore, you might need a water testing specialist to analyse your source of water. If too much debris is found in the water, you might need to utilise filters and also purchase a pump that can withstand debris; these pumps are more expensive.

Where Are You Directing the Pumped Water?

When choosing a water pressure pump, you may come across the term 'head'. This is the vertical distance that water is pumped. Different pumps support different head measurements, meaning you need to identify the head/vertical distance between your water source and where you are pumping it to.


Water pressure pumps are expensive. If at any time your pump fails to function normally, switch it off and check whether you are within the warranty period. If you are, contact the company that sold you the pump for them to diagnose the problem.

If your warranty has lapsed, contact a water pump specialist to inspect the pump. Don't be tempted to troubleshoot the pump yourself; in most cases, you might end up doing more harm than good.

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