Choosing The Best Pool Heat Pump For Your Needs

A swimming pool heat pump is an alternative to a pool heater and tends to be a less expensive way of heating your pool. There are different types of pool heat pumps, and they need to be installed by a professional in the same way a pool heater does. A heat pump is connected to your pool's filter and needs to be the right size for the size of your pool to ensure it's able to cope with heating the volume of water evenly and to a suitable temperature.

Heating Your Pool Quickly

Depending on the heat source, large pools can take a significant amount of time to heat. This isn't always convenient and can be costly, but the type of heat pump you choose can make a big difference. Gas heat pumps provide rapid heat and will even heat your pool quickly in winter. Most models run on natural gas, so you need to have a natural gas supply already in place in your home. If you don't use natural gas in your home, you can opt for a propane heat pump.

Maintaining A Consistent Temperature

If you want to keep your pool heated to a consistent temperature year-round or for long periods of time, such as over the summer, an electric pool heat pump may be the best option for you. This type of pump works in a way that's similar to a hot water tank and utilises a coil to transfer heat and hold the water in your pool at a set temperature. Electric pool heat pumps heat the water in your pool slowly, but in addition to being good at maintaining the water temperature, they are relatively inexpensive to run.

Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

If you already have solar energy installed in your home, you could opt for a solar heat pump for your pool. In addition to being an environmentally-conscious option, there's very little maintenance time or costs associated with solar energy. In order for this option to be viable, your pool will need to be in a location that's exposed to plenty of natural light during the months you want to use it.

It's best to opt for a plumber with experience in installing heat pumps, as they can help you select a heat pump that's suitable for your pool if you feel unsure about the best type or model for your needs. Contact pool heat pump suppliers to learn more.

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