How Can You Find a Leaking Pipe?

If you have been called to a property to fix a broken pipe or resolve persistent dampness in one of the rooms, it can sometimes prove difficult to track down the cause of the problem. You may know that there is a leak somewhere in the property, but identifying the precise location of the leak is often a challenge. If you attempt to find the leak alone, the process could be destructive. You may need to remove cupboards or anything attached to the property walls. You could find that you need to open up sections of the wall to check the state of the pipework and find the source of the leak. Destroying parts of your client's home is not the only option. It is far better to use a leak detection service.

How does a leak detection service work?

If you rely on your instincts and standard plumbing tools, you may have no choice apart from taking apart the property to find a leak. A leak detection service will take a different approach. They will use the latest technology to trace dripping water to the point where the leak begins. When you realize that a property has a hidden leak, your first thought should be to call in a leak detection company. They have listening equipment, moisture meters, and cameras that they can use to locate the source of any leak.

Their work will begin with a leak detection survey to examine the state of the pipe and find any leaks. Not only are their methods far less destructive than dismantling your customer's home, but they are also much faster. When a leak occurs, the situation will only get worse over time. The quicker you can find a leak, the less damage there will be to the property. Using a leak detection team could save everyone money by reducing damage to the property and allowing repairs to get started more quickly.

What equipment will the leak detection company use?

There is a range of ways that a leak detection company could try to trace a leak to the source. Their chosen method could depend on where in the property the leak is suspected and what level of access is possible. In some cases, they might opt for an infra-red camera to trace a leak through walls or under a floor. If the leak is behind tiling or under a vinyl floor, a better solution might involve a moisture meter. Alternatively, the leak detection company might decide that sending gas through a leaking point and identifying the area that it escapes will be the easiest way to trace the leak. Many options are available to a leak detection company, and they will know a technique that is perfect for the situation you are facing.

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