What Are a Few Reasons Why You Might Be Dealing With a Blocked Shower Drain?

When your drains and plumbing are working like they are supposed to, then you should not have to worry about water not flowing out of the drains in a timely manner. Normally, this might be the case with most of the drains in your home. Lately, though, you might have noticed that your shower drain is not draining like it's supposed to. This can lead to you standing in more water than you would like while you're showering, and it can even lead to a big mess when you're getting in and out of the shower. You can hire a drain unblocking service to send someone out to clean your drains for you, but you could be wondering why this is a problem that you are dealing with in the first place. These are some possible causes of your blocked shower drain issue.

You Might Use Bar Soap

Bar soap can seem like a good choice for cleaning yourself since it's affordable and effective. However, soap scum is more common when you use bar soap. Over time, the soap scum can accumulate in your drain, which can contribute to clogs. If you want to continue using bar soap, you may find that you need to have your shower drain cleaned more frequently. Another option is to switch to liquid soap or shower gel since you do not have to worry as much about soap scum.

You Might Have Long Hair

If you are someone who has long hair, you might take pride in washing and conditioning it while you're in the shower so that you can keep it looking great. There is only one problem with this, however: it can lead to shower clogs if you aren't careful. However, there are a couple of things that you can do to protect your shower. One step is to brush or comb your hair thoroughly before showering; not only does this get rid of tangles, but it helps get rid of loose hair that might otherwise end up in your drain. Additionally, you should install a drain cover on your shower drain that will catch your loose hair instead of allowing it to go down the drain. Make sure that you clean out the drain cover on a regular basis to get rid of hair and anything else that might be caught in it.

Of course, there are other things that can cause shower drains to clog, but these are a couple of potential culprits. If you call a drain unblocking service, a professional can help you clean out the clog so your shower drain will work again. They can also give you tips to help prevent this from happening again.  

For more information about blocked drains, contact a local company. 

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